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It is a delight that this site is as a bridge to connect between Niroo transfo Co. and respected customers.
The world in which we are doing business is changing rapidly.

 We at Niroo transfo Co. establish our growth based on business fundamentals and unique methods of creativity and innovation without any dependency to market growth.

At the same time strengthening fiscal foundation is important too. Our goal is to increase profitability and financial strength through an active and dynamic management. 

I myself do my best to distribute this empowerment culture in all parts of our company.

Employees should increase their capabilities and apply them to raise their work efficiency.  We are in these areas to solve problems and achieve the safe, secure and comfortable road to conclude growth in Nirootransfo Co. and open a wide way for integration of products and services in order to gain a certain number of new customers.

I will try to coordinate and manage the competences of any one of my colleagues towards the future growth.